A slew of books

That's right. A whole SLEW of books to review. It's been awhile. I even stopped reading for a little while--life just gets you so busy some times! Without further ado, here are my thoughts:

On GoodReads, it looks like people loved this book. A friend recommended it to me, which is why I cracked the spine. However, many, many, many people really enjoyed it. The plot was not up my alley (as a girl who doesn't know cocaine from baking soda, I think I missed the experiences that make this riveting to some people) and I found the writing a bit tedious. Don't let me stop you! But also, don't say I didn't warn you...

Two things you should know about me. I love to read. I love history. So this book is a no-brainer, right? Everyone loves it. Everyone is reading the sequel Bringing Up the Bodies. I, however, am not everyone. It took me roughly 80% of the book to get into it. And I still wouldn't recommend it because it just wasn't my favorite story. Wasn't my favorite writing. It was interesting b/c the characters you know as being 'the bad guys' were the good guys in this book, but I still didn't love it. No idea why, it just didn't hit me right.

I loved this book! Can't wait for the next in the series... It's Young Adult, along the same lines as Hunger Games (dystopian, feisty main girl character...). I couldn't put it down. I loved the plot, the characters, the world that Roth created. I can't wait to get the email from the library that the next one in the series is waiting for me... :)

I loved this book. My eyes are still puffy from when I finished it last night--it's a tear jerker. The premise is interesting--you know the end of the story at the beginning. It's a love story, historical fiction, holocaust WWII story. I'm a sucker for those but was worried it would be too much like 22 Britannica Road (which I'm not a huge fan of), but it wasn't. I loved it. The only thing was at a certain point the plot moved along a little too fast for me until the end, and I wish the end gave you a little more (seriously? over at that point??), but I still loved it and thought it was a wonderful read.


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