Weekend Reads: Where there's smoke there's fire

This is a long one, I'm not going to lie. Since I slacked and posted Weekend Reads a few days prior to the weekend last week, I have a couple extra days worth of links to check out...

c/o Domaine

Did you guys do any shopping over Thanksgiving weekend? I just really wasn't feeling it, so I skipped out on it and instead managed to lounge around, watch some good movies, read a not so good book, and generally enjoy my mom asking me if I want anything to drink every 30 minutes or so. #pampered I had an exciting Thanksgiving--2 fires. The first was Thanksgiving morning. My mom is a notorious early to bed early to rise kinda woman (I'm talking 4 a.m.-7 if we're lucky p.m.). The night prior I made a cheesecake in a springform pan and some of the sugar water dripped onto the floor of the oven. Mom woke up, decided to walk the dog up to Dunkin Donuts to get a coffee and not disturb her guests, and turn on the oven cleaner before she left. I woke up at 6 a.m. to a downstairs full of smoke. I mean, can't-open-your-eyes-without-them-tearing up kind of smoke. The carbon monoxide alarm started going off and I couldn't find it (it was on a book shelf). My sister woke up and helped me open all the windows and doors and found the alarm and put it on the porch. The smoke cleared, the oven cleaned itself, and Thanksgiving proceeded as planned--and was delicious and fun. Then on Friday morning, we were making toast. Mom went upstairs, I went to read on the couch while the toast toasted, and boom. The toast caught on fire and was literally flaming in the toaster oven. NO JOKE. We were like, do we keep the door closed? Do we open it? How do we put this fire out??! Luckily, it just burned out on its own while we were considering the options and the fire alarms were still outside so no ear-splitting beeping. Ha! Poor mom now needs a new toaster oven. I ruined her kitchen while I was home. OOPS. How were your Thanksgivings?

Tips on holiday gifting.

For those sending family holiday cards, a grammar tip.

Shakespeare's work emails.

I'm 80% sure that this is my 7th grade history teacher's home. (For reals, must be nice).

Moosewood is 40!! Mollie Kazan reflects

World's happiest countries.

I'm thinking about getting these cute sheets.

Molly Yeh is the cutest and most talented. Look at her in this video!

Post Thanksgiving, this salad seems like a good idea...

It's shopping season. These 5 questions can help you evaluate if you really need that item in your cart...

Ever wondered if Michelin tires are the same people behind the Michelin Restaurant Guide? Now you know.

Did you guys read that absurd interview with Jayden and Willow Smith a couple weeks ago? This McSweeny's is the perfect follow up. :)

Books for people who like Serial.

How amazing is this re-do of Ellen Pompeo's trailer?

A great conversation with Chris Rock.

Girl Scouts are selling cookies online. This could be bad... or good. So good.

Great article on what to do for your career by the time you're 35. I need to work on some of these...

Imagine never getting an email past 6pm from your boss? WHOA. Germany might make it a law.

First, I love the woman featured in this interview about White Mustache Yogurt. Don't you want to be her friend? Second, I definitely now want to make my own yogurt...

Ok, this is the most beautiful and amazing wedding ever. I think we can all agree.


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