Do you Yelp?


My friend Molly turned me into a Yelper, probably without even realizing it. Here she was, being a super social influencer, and I was going out with her a lot of the time but not putting my $.02 into the conversation! Why not? I love trying new places which meant I was on Yelp a lot to hear what other people thought. I realized it was a great opportunity to give back to a community I rely on (is there a signature dish at this restaurant I need to try? Is this place good for a girls night or is it more of a cozy atmosphere? Is there a coupon I should know about before renting that SUP board? A class I just HAVE to take at that spin studio? Yelpers have me covered).

Once I got into the groove, I thought it was kind of fun to check into places--Yelp remembers and encourages me to post my thoughts later. It also was a helpful reminder for things I liked and didn't like about specific restaurants the next time I visited. And, in the case of visiting my friend in Austin, it's a reminder so some day I can (finally) put my little guide together. I also often review things on Amazon. Not just the good or the bad, but the everything. And, as you know, I review books on Goodreads like a maniac. Again, a good reference to return to.

Some of my friends are anti-Yelp (they don't trust the other reviewers), some of my friends like to read reviews but don't like to post them, what kind of Yelp-er are you? Do you review on other sites? If so, which ones?

I thought this article on "The Art of the Online Review" was pretty great. I can't wait to see what Dr. Vasquez has to say about reviews for entertainment sake--I love those! Like this wolf shirt review. Hehehehe.


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