Gift Guide: Coffee Table Books

Coffee Table books are such splurges. Do you ever really NEED a coffee table book? No. Unless it's a title by your best friend forever or your mom, they're objects of pure beauty. Pure inspiration. Pure folly. They're basically picture books for adults to flip through and revel in. So is there a better present than something that strikes your fancy and reminds you of a specific person? Something they'd probably not get themselves.

For your linguist friend:
by Ella Frances Sanders $14.95 list price
This book has so much whimsy and fun, it's pretty to flip through and your friend who loves words will sincerely appreciate the effort.

For your book nerd friend:
by Robert Dawson (Photographs)Bill Moyers (Foreword)Ann P Patchett (Afterword) $35 list price

For those who frequent the library, this book is a treasure. Seeing the vastly different structures that house our libraries is really fun--like a mini trip to that locale. Your book nerd friends will appreciate something pretty for their coffee table that feels very personal.


For your double-popped-collar friends:
by Slim Aarons $85 list price
A classic Slim Aarons coffee table book, these images are beautiful and show the preppy life in all it's beauty. Crisp blue pools, beautiful people, you could flip through this book and let your imagination wander for hours. Don't you want to jump into that pool?

For your animal loving friends:
by Tim Flach
$35 list price

Ok, who doesn't want to just snuggle with that rope-y, adorable dog on the cover of this book? SMUSHFACE!

For your explorer:

A book I've always coveted--full of weekend trips in the US and Canada. What could be better than planning a  weekend get away?

For your angler friends:
by AndyAnderson (Photographs)Tom Rosenbauer (Text)Guy de la Valdene (Foreword)

A beautiful book that celebrates the ocean and fly fishermen.

For your art-loving friend:

Alex Katz: Revised and Expanded Edition Hardcover – September 15, 2014 by Alex Katz   $70 list price

Alex Katz is one of my favorite contemporary artists. His portraits are just stunning, simple, and graphic. Things I really enjoy. I saw an exhibit of his work at the MFA and loved it. And his wing at the Colby Museum when I was in college was a touchstone. Any art loving friend would appreciate this tome.

For your parents  who still secretly have Beatle Mania:

Harry Benson: The Beatles

$70 list price

My Dad went to see the Beatles Cirque de Soleill. I have both a CD and a mug from that performance. My mom looooooves Linda McCartney. Which I think means she loves the Beatles, too. They both grew up in the time of the Beatles--the mania, the obsession, the wonder they created. And they love their sound. I think they'd both enjoy this book. It looks like the Beatles are having a blast.

For your musician friend:
by David Byrne
$32 list price
A great book to grab your musical friend--the cover is stunning and the tid bits inside feel like an insiders view into the music world.

For the Chefs in your Life:
Plenty More: Vibrant Vegetable Cooking from London's Ottolenghi
$35 list price

Ottolenghi's brilliance is in his vegetables. His recipes are surprising, delicious, full of wit and crunch. I appreciate them EVER so much. (Thanks mom for gifting me Ottolenghi at Christmas last year!) This book could honestly be a coffee table book, don't you think?

For your New Yorkers:
Humans of New York
by Brandon Stanton

New Yorkers are their own brand of people. I loved my (short) time living there, and Brandon Stanton captures their spirit, heartbreak, courage, and general craziness so well in his series of photographs. It's the perfect gift for that New Yorker in your life.

And finally, a link to the "best book covers of 2014"


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