Big Screen: Movies to somehow fit into this busy season

December. It's always a bit crazy, sometimes moreso than others. My holiday season starts this weekend with 2 parties, and doesn't relent until after Christmas. But... it's also prime movie-watching time. It's Oscar season. I'm going to have to start plotting to see movies during the week--after work. There's so much I'm interested in!!

Here are a couple:
The Gambler
 Word is that John Goodman steals his scenes and is a possible contender for supporting actor as is Michael K. Williams. Also, Marky Mark is a Bostonian--and reputed to be up for an Oscar for best Actor. I'm a hometown girl, gotta support his efforts. :)


I remember learning about Selma in college--Professor Rob Weisbrot had us read Selma, Lord, Selma a firsthand account of the Civil Rights movement in the US. It was amazing and unbelievable and heartbreaking. I can't wait to see this movie. Apparently Tom Wilkinson who plays LBJ is amazing and might get a supporting actor nod and Stephan James is supposed to be a breakout. Tim Roth is supposed to be just unflinchingly cruel in the movie. David Oyelowo is MLK,

Big Eyes
Another one I was so/so about, but c'mon. Amy Adams? She rules. And I like that it's sort of a feminist story--stupid husband taking credit for her work and it all coming to light.


 I was 100% not interested when this came out. HOWEVER. Now I'm intrigued. Michael Keaton is getting buzz, Edward Norton is as well (He's always so good).


This looks frantic and kind of awesome. Both lead characters could make oscar contenders...

Loved the book. Can't wait for the movie. Apparently the guy who plays terrible birdman and the guy who plays Phil are both potential nominees...

American Sniper

This looks great--I love Bradley Cooper and feel like he could do such a great job in this role.

A Most Violent Year

 Jessica Chastain is literally in every movie this year. But this one she plays a badguy-ish figure which I'm interested in seeing. And she went to college with Oscar Issac--imagine how much fun it was to film a movie with your college buddy?

Love is Strange

This looks a little heartbreaking, subtle, and interesting. John Lithgow is supposed to be great. When is Marisa Tomei anything but awesome?

For some reason, Foxcatcher just doesn't appeal to me. Maybe I'll try it... if I get around to the other movies first. And I've heard such great things about Interstellar, I feel like I should see it but I'm not usually into space movies... Have you seen any of these movies? Any thoughts on them? I love trying to see as many of the potential Oscar noms so I'm informed and have actual opinions on the nominations. Not sure why, but I love fighting with people--I still maintain that Jessica Chastain was ROBBED for her work in Zero Dark Thirty. I mean, JLawr is great and all, but I thought Bradley Cooper was better in Silver Linings Playbook! (See? I'm a little crazy.


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