Weekend Reads: Almost the New Year!

(the opposite of our current weather in Boston)

Looking back over this year, I think about a few things... I think about the snow storms last winter that I bought a sled for (still need to look into some used cross country skis for this year...), those storms kept me home from work for several days. I think about baking cinnamon rolls on those chilly days. I remember dinners with my friends that meant a lot to me--a recent one at Kim and Evan's new home, a cookout at the Crockers, lots and lots of experimental recipes at Lily and Matt's and cooking out on their patio more times than I can count. Having some great conversations and laughs with my book club. Sneaking out of work at lunch to shop at J Crew with my boss when we heard about big sales. Spending time on the beach with my toes in the sand and a book in hand and mostly avoiding the sun. Diving off of the diving board into the chilly water on those super hot days (I had to kick some kids out of line, hopefully they don't remember...). Sitting behind home plate at the Red Sox with Tara. Helping mom make cookies for her women's club.  Playing tennis with Ashley all around Boston. Friday mornings of coffee and steel cut oats at Flour. Countless trips to the library to return my books. Cookouts at the beach club that I strong armed people into attending against their will, but I think they eventually got on board. Celebrating my childhood best friend's wedding on the beach in front of my mom's house during an epic lightening storm. Welcoming tons of sweet new babies to the world. Celebrating my college friend's wedding in CT and getting to dance with my favorite people. Tailgating at the Harvard / Yale game for Emily's birthday and meeting a new friend there. Getting bangs with just enough of a wine flush to not flinch. Hiking with mom at Halibut Point. Writing countless, awesome emails to Ruth. Spending the weekend in Maine for my 10 year reunion from College and catching up with such great people while sleeping in an extra long twin bed. Taking the class of '04 fundraising reigns with Maura and actually enjoying it because it gives me a reason to call her more often and catch up with people I've lost touch with. Visiting Beverly Farms and the book shop and always getting hugs like I'm coming home. Seeing Hall & Oates live. Tasting Kelly's ice cream flavors and watching her turn a dream into a reality. So many fun moments from 2014. I hope 2015 can live up to it's predecessor!

The books I read this year--next year I'm trying for 52 books, too. I already have about 40 books on my library list, so...

In an effort to get healthy, look at this and beware restaurants (maybe my new year's resolution should be to bring lunch 90% of the time...).

SJP is (most likely) coming back to HBO!

Google self-driving cars, The Oatmeal took one our for a spin.

The Stanford Class of '94, internet gurus, but what about the ladies?

Albert Einstein's letter to Marie Curie makes me want to learn more about both of them.

7 Stories we should have paid more attention to this year.

Draco, unplugged

JT has friends in low (and high) places and it's awesome.

American Sniper, backstory. Really interesting.

Pantry staples and the differences between flours

Also, what do those labels on eggs mean?

Make your own Confetti Popper!

Another little Serial article... Soon I'll be over it, promise...

Arianna Grande does a good impression or two


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