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Dancing Machine

Dog dancing to Gloria Estefan.

Howling at the Moon

NYC, I love you


Don't tell me what to do


PS22 is the coolest

Sing a long song

Pandora, Spotify, what WHAT?!?!


You go, Missouri Preacher

99 Problems

Hula Cam!

Playlist additions

A slew of books

Ellie Goulding, acoustic

Girl Crush, Stevie Nicks

I want one.

Cherry Pie Filling, yus!

Oh, Julia

National Ice Cream Month? Don't mind if I do...

Will this make it up to you?

I'm sorry. So sorry.

Books, movies, Gatsby

J. Crew on the small screen

James, James Bond

Peer Gynt

Fall TV, potentials...

Fall TV take 2

Fall TV.

Pink Stinks

This is just like my life.

confession time. don't hate me.


Mean Girl Memes

Book lovers are kids, too

Busy Bee, pumpkin muffins

Dove's new Facebook Ad Campaign

Dinner, a Love Story

Impending disaster


Trailer love

Quite Formidable

Room with a view

Something I'll never have

Kimbra and Gotye



So stylin'


While I love the Hunger Games, I'm not opposed to laughing about how silly the obsession is.

Redesigned logos, hipster style

Nas, The Don

I love this, thank you for saying it.

Double coconut muffins

The Black Keys