Currently, I'm watching the Celtics opener. They are playing the Heat. The Miami Heat. The team we lost to this spring when we were up 3-2. We just had to win 1 more. And they beat us. 

And then. Ray Allen. Our Ray Allen. One of the core Celtics players. Went free agent and signed with the Heat. But not bc they promised more money, oh no. We promised DOUBLE the money. $6 Million dollars more. Because he was mad that the C's tried to trade him and mad that he wouldn't be getting as much time as he used to b/c he's getting older. Also, apparently he didn't like Rondo. He was so mad that he went to one of our 2 biggest rivals (you know we hate the Lakers, too, right?). 


I didn't think he was that kind of guy--a vindictive guy.

You know who I do think is a little mean? KG. But, it's who he is. He's loyal and fiercely competitive. And that competitive streak makes him a perfect match for the Boston fans. He and Ray were tight. But ever since Ray picked the Heat, he took him out of his phone and hasn't talked to him.

Which is why, even though right now we're losing, I'm proud of him. This is how basically every Celtic fan feels about Ray Allen right now. 

KG, you rule.


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