In the town where I grew up, the fourth of July is the biggest and best holiday. Everyone goes out and enjoys it. Homes on the parade route are marketed as being on the parade route when they go on sale. There are town-famous Deviled Eggs, annual floats, revolutionary soldiers dressed in wool so every year you comment on how hot they must be. And of course, there are always fireworks. There are 3 shows to go to--Gloucester, Manchester and West Beach in Beverly Farms. You always try to finagle it so you can see all three, and you always fail--but love discussing which one was the best afterward.

So inevitably, when Katie Perry's song Firework came out, I loved it. Now it's played at EVERY wedding, and the bride is always the obvious firework. It's one of those songs that's catchy but ALSO has a good message. Pretty cool.

When I saw the following video pop up this week, I knew I had to wait to see it until I got home. Have I mentioned I'm a bit of a crier? I used to have a job that was super fun. Once I was even on a famous band's tour bus, got off, and saw Katy Perry exiting her bus. It was the year before she really blew up. She basically ran away from us, and we weren't even looking at her, so I always was eh about her. I thought she was kind of weird. However, the below video changes all that. She's grown up and is really impressive and lovely. Get a tissue.


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