Weekend Reads: Ice cream for dinner!

This weekend I'm working on finals and then starting econ and marketing... I'm excited for this module to be over but man, I am not excited to jump right into more classes! I want one weekend to just go to the beach like a normal person. Sigh. Maybe next year? What are you up to? Ice cream for dinner, anyone?

Wes Anderson Location Scouting (I want to go to all of these places...) Before the Internet (via the NYer) What your choice of Pool Float says about you. (T&C) How to write with sparklers

Bookish celebrities <3 (via Book Riot) The Power of Books (via Brain Pickings) 10 Famous Book Hoarders (via LitHub) Be still my heart. (Libraries!!)

Best restaurants in New England (via Eater) Best restaurants in Boston (Boston Mag) A great, simple guide to buying wine (via Bon Appetite) Unicorn Oreos? Avocado Oreos? Um. Weird. (via Creativity) Those who drink together stay together (via Mashable)

This article about Uber is crazy. (via Techcrunch) This take on how both tax-payer funded services and capitalism fuel America was really great. (via Kottke) This is crazy (but, I know it's true from my experience): charts of who people spend their time with. (via  Quartz) The rise of the Nation-State (via new Republic)

Alert: Brittany Howard has a new band called Bermuda Triangle! (via NPR)


  1. I love that NYer article. Happy to see your post :)


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