Why am I falling in like with everyone?

Guys. For some reason I'm just falling for everyone lately.

Have you seen these adorable chefs from Bon Appetite? Major crush alert!!

And, on my Birthday I got a postcard from a Boston Chef I'm a little in love with (from afar... most crushes are from afar) Jamie Bissonette. I must have signed up for something when I was at the restaurant one day, because I got a bday postcard from him in which he called me girl and used hearts before he signed it and it was my favorite birthday note. (Sorry guys...) It's on my fridge held up with a cute magnet so when I'm cooking / studying I can just gaze lovingly at it. (I sincerely hope he doesn't google himself and come across this post...)

Also, I bought a new car this weekend (woot!) and the sales guy had a British accent, was super cute (even had a red beard, I mean... GINGER LOVE, and I usually don't go there because people assume you're sibs which is weird, but he has an accent so I threw caution to the wind!), and so nice and I was texting my girls being like, ladies.... <3 <3 <3 as he was walking me through the car buying process. 

Love is all around me. <3 <3 <3


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