Weekend Reads: Giggles

Best little girl ever. The next Amy Schumer? Enjoy your weekend!!

A beautiful tribute to an awesome dad (via NYer) Andy Murray, my hero (via the Guardian) What would John Snow read? (via Goodreads Blog) Hehehe, read the FAQs

Gap In-Store Playlists (they're seeking playlists from the 90s... LOVE IT) A marching band played a Daft Punk medley for Bastille Day in Paris! Something about this made me smile (via Buzzfeed)

My friend Zoe has her advanced degree in gender studies and is killing it lately. She has a new column in the London Telegraph and was recently (hilariously) on the BBC radio talking about manspreading

This is terrifying (via NYMag)

Emmy noms are out! (With this much good TV, Emmys are almost better than the Oscars, amiright?!) And of course, controversy. This really was an amazing episode:


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