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What to Watch: Wonder Woman!

A couple weekends ago I was studying like a FIEND at my mom's (literally, from 3:30-11pm on Friday, from 8am-6pm on Saturday, then we went to the movies, then I studied some more, then 10-3 on Sunday... then from like 7-11) and dying for a break so she and I went to the Gloucester Cinema at see Wonder Woman in 3-D. Woot! Opening weekend!

The first section of the movie has my heart. Do you know the Wonder Woman plot at all? I didn't, so was pleasantly surprised! It's Greek mythology blended with (faux) WWII. The Greek part was the best part, in my opinion. We go to the Island of Themyscara where there's a tribe of strong, beautiful warrior women called the Amazons. Sound familiar? Me too, though I couldn't remember the details from my 6th grade Greek Mythology classroom module. Basically, there's a queen, the queen's sister (Robin Wright who was a standout), a tribe of totally badass women, and a little girl--Diana (aka Wonder Woman). It's clear that ther…

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