What to Watch: The Big Sick

It's been awhile since I've seen and loved a romantic comedy. Why is it so hard to tell authentic stories that open your heart a little bit? The other night I was so over studying I texted my friend Mandy at like 8 pm and said, let's go to a movie. She was in her jammies, so we jumped in the car, went to the fancy theater with the comfy seats, got some soda and popcorn and both laughed, cried, and fell a little in love. Have you seen The Big Sick

I loved it and HIGHLY recommend it. It's been awhile since a rom-com has hit me in the heart like this one did. The acting is excellent, the story is just so good it's hard to comprehend that it's trueish. This love story is crazy and funny and good and relatable and heartwarming and silly and heart breaking and just a great escape.


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