Weekend Reads: That New Years Resolution

Well, it's official. I'm the worst. I made my mom drive me to the airport at 4 AM on Mother's Day so I could jet off to Bermuda. I haven't updated my blog. I have like 6 outstanding emails in my inbox that I just can never actually get to responding to. I left my phone at a theater last night. I no longer actually sleep. My apartment continually gets messier and messier. And... generally, I'm not doing a great job at Life lately. 

BUT, I think it's totally fine. I'm not hurting anyone (except my mom--sorry for the early morning chauffeur session!! and possibly my friends who I've neglected... sorry guys! Luckily you all keep telling me how proud you are of me so I think you're cutting me slack which is so appreciated!), I'm peeling away the things that I can so I can focus my time on what I really need to (Financial Management...), I'm eating fruit and yogurt for breakfast, I'm calling my dad on my way home when I leave work at a reasonable hour, I'm almost caught up on Handmaid's Tale (my one indulgence). I'm being kind to myself and not getting caught up in beating myself up over the small stuff. Now, a less than stellar grade on the other hand... that is a little harder to handle since I'm so focused on school. BUT, I'm really doing my best and that counts the most. 

So, that New Year's resolution to be kind to myself was a good one (I think I'm going to have to hang onto it for next year, too). I've been a bad poster recently. But, I think it's ok! School has taken over my life and I'm fine with it. That was always going to be the case. Being in it is tough, but I'm powering through. So, thank you for understanding! 

Have a fabulous, sun soaked, relaxing, peaceful weekend.

Good host gifts (via CoJ) This is hilarious and gross and amazing (via CoJ) What milk should I drink? (via NYer) Marinades, sauces, etc. for summer (I can feel it coming!) (via Food52) I made this Halloumi Lentil salad for dinner this week and it was awesome (via Almond Eater)

Rooney Mara's beautiful home. (via Lonny) Pretty dress (via ASOS) Pretty clutch (via Nordstrom) The Dutch Have Solutions to Rising Seas. The World Is Watching. (via NYTs) El Capitan, My Captain (via NYTs)

There's a Japanese word for people who buy and hold onto more books than they can consume in a lifetime. (via T&C) Wow, wow, wow, wow. That article is moving and so incredibly heart breaking. (via NYer)

Lullabies for kids (via CoJ)  Girls beat the boys and it's so sweet. (via NYTs)

New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu is on point. (via Vox) This is pretty wonderful, but this is a problem we should fix in the system. Black Lives Matter is helping black moms, who are in jail because they can't afford bail, get out. (via The Nation) The Link Between Domestic Violence and Mass Shootings (via NYer) MY FRIEND WAS PROFILED BY FAST COMPANY (how amazing?!) and another friend was on BBC Radio talking about Manspreading (it's hilarious, segment 2). Model Feminism (via NYTs)  

25 Best Films of the Century So Far (via NYTs) This swimsuit tho... (via Mashable)


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