Tomorrow is a big day for me.

I participated in two brackets this year. One with my girls, I'm in second to last place, sigh. I guess that's what I get for coming in third in Fantasy Football, right?

But the big one, the one at work that has actual boys in it who actually follow college basketball. Guess what place I'm in.

2nd. Yep.

So, We figured it out statistically and I'll either get 3rd or 4th place. OUT OF 34! Go me!!! And the people who follow / gamble are all at the bottom. My coworker is going to either win in come in second, and she and I had absolutely no clue what we were doing! Pure, dumb, luck. :)

After not winning the lottery yesterday (I would have 1) paid off my student loans 2) purchased an apartment 3) purchased a car 3) gone on an amazing trip with my friends), I want to win something. Hopefully it's the bronze! (Or whatever). :)


Also, if I get the finals and the score right, then I get to win something in boot camp. Hopefully it's 5 extra minutes of rest. But that seems doubtful. Hahaha.


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