Quite Formidable

I dragged a friend to see The Joy Formidable last Friday. She was wiped. It was at the Paradise and sadly, TJF didn't go on until 10. We left around 11.

You know how an opening act can ruin a small venue? That happened. The opening act was HEAVY metal. Like, screeching, yikes, I have a headache, get me outta here! Heavy Metal. So, we were kind of not feeling it.

I do love love love TJF, and they put on a good show, but by 11 on a Friday (omg, I am ancient), I was wiped, so was my friend, and so we headed home. I always forget the Paradise has a different sound ordinance that House of Blues, and shows go SO MUCH later. I don't love that, but I'll do it to see someone I love.


Here are a couple videos of the show:

Not the right show, but still.


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