Something I'll never have

I was just trolling the interwebs, like I do when I've done my laundry and don't want to make my bed (omg, please tell me you do that too so I don't feel like a gigantic laze) and came across this video:

Obviously, I love it. It's in English, subtitled in French, the dude talking is a little hilarious, but at the same time, I like the video. "She gets cruised by a hipster" "Bam, changed again" "back to hers, you know, why not? She's a strong independent chick" "tons of clicks" 

But it brought up a latent feeling of mine I'm about to share with y'all. Are you ready for this (duh duh nah)?

I wish I had a gap between my two front teeth. 

I know. Isn't that so lame? And bizarre? BUT seriously, it's always the quirky hot chick who has the gap. 

I'm adding it to the list of nevers. (It also includes: being asked to prom (I did the asking); winning an Oscar (despite the fact that I had a speech prepared); getting a tattoo--yuck; and dying my hair (it's red, my friends would boycott me)).

Evidence of how gorg gap tooth girls are:

I mean, Lauren Hutton is CASE IN POINT


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