Kimbra and Gotye

On Thursday, I went to a Gotye concert at the House of Blues. The funniest thing happened, I actually feel like I'm making this story up, but it's true!

My friend Molly couldn't come to the show, so I put her 2 tickets on Facebook. A friend from college scored them to give to his best friend and a girl. At the (intensely packed) show, I was with my friends in the spot where we always stand. I look to my right, and there's a girl I went to college with (and studied abroad with!). She was there with a guy. He happened to be best friends with.... YEP! They had my tickets. Small world, or really, small venue, right? Hahahahaha.

So, first up was Kimbra. I was a little late so only heard a couple songs, but she had an awesome dress on and was definitely having fun on stage. I wish I had a better pic of her dress, but sadly I don't.

Gotye came on following Kimbra (they're both Aussie's). The show was good! He got the audience involved, every song had a different vibe--reggae, club, pop, easy, everything you could imagine!

My friend was suuuuuuper in love with Gotye--he's a little too skinny/band boy for my taste, but it was cute seeing her moon all over him. :)

Here are some videos from the show (not mine), enjoy! Kimbra came out to sing her part of Somebody I used to Know


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