I wish I discovered spin ages ago. I just discovered it probably 2 years ago--and I really like it. You can go at your own pace and at your own resistance. (AKA I don't feel like a huge loser when I go to class with my friend who's training for a tri--we're stationary! She has no idea that I'd be miles behind her!).

I also really like the music--they turn off the lights, turn on the fans, and turn UP the jams. One instructor I love is Elise. I recently came across her blog, Eat. Sweat. Balance.  and guess what-she posts her spin class playlists! LOVE IT. My gym mix (find it here) now includes tons of her songs. She has fab taste in music.

My current obsession of a song is a teeny bopper hit. Don't judge me, but I can't stop singing the chorus. Call Me Maybe, Carly Rae Jessop (yep).

"Hey, I just met you. And This is crazy. But here's my number. So call me, maybe."



  1. Hey Kaitlin! So glad to hear you like my spin class! Haven't seen you around for a few weeks, at least not in the front row. Hope to see you this Wednesday and/or Saturday for some sweating and riding to the beat! -Elise


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