Howling at the Moon

Sometimes, you have to give something up for your friends. I mean, they give stuff up for you all the time (cred, time, thoughts, ability to pretend not to know you when you're being weird, all that jazz).

My friend Kim is pretty rad. We've been friends for 12 years. WHAT? Yes, true. 12 years. This year when I turned 30 she was 9 months pregnant. Like, literally was a week or two away from giving birth to her second baby boy. So what did she do to commemorate my wrinkles? She dragged her preggo butt out to a bar all the way across town and had a virgin cocktail and hung out. Rock star? Yes. Hero? Yes. Badass? Totally.

She's the youngest of my crew, so I got an email from her last week to hold a certain day for her 30th b-day bash. Guess what, it's the same day that I have a ticket to see THE Allen Stone.

So I have done the noble thing.

Sold it to my friend Amanda so I can celebrate Kim's b-day.

I don't think Allen Stone would mind, b/c we'll definitely be howling at the moon. :)


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