Girl Crush, Stevie Nicks

Sometimes I get really into something, or someone. I was on a Meryl Streep kick for awhile. A Julia Child streak. I can revisit these 'streaks' and find something new that flicks at my attention again and get right back into them. It's easy. Like finding that t-shirt that fit you perfectly last summer, putting it on, and intantly remembering that night around the bonfire with marshmallows and giggles and stars in the sky.

Stevie Nicks. Flick.

How can you not be obsessed with her? Is there anyone cooler? I mean... I have SUCH a girl crush on her. We'd totally be bffs. (well... maybe she'd be the cool girl and I'd be the wannabe, but I'd take it. ;))

 So recently I saw this video, which just reaffirmed her insane coolness for me.

Just a couple more. Just to reaffirm how awesome she is.

So what about you? Who are your girl crushes?


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