Cherry Pie Filling, yus!

I got a little carried away the other day and bought a ridiculous amount of cherries. They were so pretty and jewel red, how could I help myself? Well, cut to 48 hours later and my fingers have a subtle red tone to them...

I made goat cheese ice cream with roasted cherries (to come). I also made cherry pie filling. I grabbed the recipe from My Baking Addiction and got started on pitting 3lbs of cherries. I cut them in half and scooped out the pit. I thought it would take 30 mins. It took 2 hours! Thank god for on demand :)

Once the cherries were pitted, it was a snap. I just added water, sugar and corn starch.

Brought to a boil (keep a close eye, it wasn't apparent to me that it was boiling and I scorched the bottom--don't worry, I scooped everything into another pan and kept going). Then just kept it at low, stirring constantly for 10 mins.

Now I have this lovely pie filling in my freezer. Looks like a pie crust recipe might be forthcoming...


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