confession time. don't hate me.

It's about a month away. I have so much to do, it's not all happening. Sigh. Things came up, what can I say? WIll you forgive me? Maybe give me a 6 mo. extension or something? Pretty please? 
30 Things before I’m 30:
1.       Learn to braid and fishtail my hair
2.       Have an adult, sit down, dinner party
3.       Go to an outdoor movie with a picnic
4.       Pay for the coffee of someone behind me in line
6.       Take a class at the center for adult ed (cooking class, it ruled)
7.       Go to Hammersleys (a super expensive restaurant near me that I’ve never been to and it taunts me on my daily walk to the subway).
8.       Take my friends on naughty north shore excursions (like to SalemRockport, and Newburyport)
9.       Go out to dinner by myself
10.   Bake bread (in honor of my grandmother)
11.   Go on the London Eye Not, gonna happen :( -- I'm moving, so the travel funds have been otherwise used up.
12.   Go to Texas
13.   Go to a music festival (I’m going to the ACL, so two birds, one stone)
14.   Make a soufflé
15.   Watch the Godfather and the Star wars movies
16.   Write a good story and share it with people
17.   Learn how to use a power tool
18.   Plan an amazing trip
19.   Send a hand written note to someone who made an impact on my life
20.   Learn to take better pictures--Not gonna happen. I have no camera. Sigh.
21.   Make ricotta from scratch
22.   Keep a plant alive (for at least 3 months)
23.   Run five miles
24.   Make macaroons and send cookies to someone
25.   Try Ethiopian food (eating with my hands scares me)
26.   Gamble on something (Yep, bought a lottery ticket AND gambled on the final four--lost both)
27.   Get one pair of absurdly expensive, beautiful shoes-- Not Gonna Happen, again, funds are going to the moving company. :(
28.   Get a bike
29.   Have an awesome scavenger hunt in Boston
30.   And finally, tell people about my blog… Yikes!


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