Weekend Reads: So this is Christmas!


I can't believe it's already Christmas! I've made thousands of cookies, wrapped a couple gifts, enjoyed the tree lighting, watched some people ice skate on the frog pond, and been to a bajillion holiday parties. And now it's here! I'm spending the holidays with my parents, a little bit of friends mixed in for fun, and hopefully a little snow? I'm taking a bunch of days off, which is nice. I'll have time to read, clean, cook, and maybe see a couple movies! What are your holiday plans?


Ever get an orange in your stocking? Here's a round up of the origins of the tradition.

What happens when children send letters to Santa? In NYC, this is what happens

A great article about thoughtful website design

This video of Aaron Draplin concepting a logo is unreal. I'm getting a logo designed at work right now and this is just so awesome to see. Makes me wish I was a creative ;) More from Aaron Draplin and classes from him

These redesigned Harry Potter covers are a delight! What an awesome project by a design student!

I'm considering this poster of Maine for my walls. (The design guy in the logo video above, his company designed it!)

Apparently Boston is full of single, beer-drinking, bike-riding divorcees. Ha!

The Looks You’re Born With and the Looks You’re Given a really well written, short New Yorker essay by Amanda Filipacchi that I enjoyed

I loved this Cup of Jo post about the Icelandic tradition of giving books on Christmas Eve and spending some QT reading them that night. I could really get into that! And NPR wrote an article about the phenomenon too!

Tree rings played like music, now that is cool

The popularization of Christmas Lights, (thanks Grover Cleveland!)

Some simple holiday decor ideas from Style Me Pretty and I loved this idea and the holiday decor from Lay Baby Lay

I picked a name from Christmas in the City (my friend Katie coordinated everything, such a rockstar) and got a little girl a Christmas present. CITC collects wishes from homeless kids and gets volunteers to get those gifts and then the kids and their parents come to a fun party with catered lunch, local athletes, bouncy houses, exhibits from local museums, dentists, hair stylists, and so much more! Too late to specifically have a kiddo to sponsor, but you could buy from their Amazon wish list or just make a donation if you're into it (they only have volunteers--no paid workers at this charity!)!


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