Weekend Reads: Party Season

Party time!!!!!!

Are you guys also going to holiday party upon holiday party? I love connecting with my friends and seeing their homes all gussied up for the season. It makes me happy to see their smiles and have great conversations with them and laugh as much as possible, which is really my goal in life (other than with TV and books. DRAMA ADDICT!). I hope you're able to dress up in plaid, a little glitter, and clink your glasses to some holly jolly music. CHEERS!!!

Ordering from the Sbucks app? I can't wait for that! And I bet everyone at my gym feels the same way... finish putting you make up on, order your coffee from downstairs, put your jacket on and walk in and have your coffee ready? LOVE IT.

Badass ladies of 2014.

An exit interview with Twitter employee #50. Strangely insightful.

Smart parking sign

Smith's Island in Maryland--seems so peaceful and like a little a place stopped in time

Can't wait to try out Townsman! A new restaurant in Boston. Anyone want to try it out with me when it opens in the late winter?

Beautiful home in Brooklyn (also, did you hear Brooklyn is the least affordable place in the US? Sometimes it feels like everything is out of reach in Boston, too, but it doesn't stop me from rooting around trulia!)

These GIFs are awesome and exactly what I do with my trainer. Core!

Famous women on overcoming their insecurities.

An interview with Katherine Patterson, author of Bridge to Terabithia

The silly side of art basel (haha, someone has a sense of humor)

Um, there's a Bean Boot shortage?! Crazyyyyyy

SAG Award nominations are out as are Golden Globes

15 ways to write a novel, maybe it's time to put pen to paper? (fingers to keyboard?)

Now this makes me smile: Mayhem designs for J Crew Kids

The Secret Lives of Passwords (SO interesting)

This little girl is hilarious on Vine. I want to be her friend. Or maybe, her mom's friend.

51 beautiful quotes from books


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