Roasted Chicken: Harissa style

Ladies and Gents, I made a delicious roasted chicken. Rather than go with traditional flavors, I used Harissa. It's a middle eastern spice rub that you can either make or buy (in a tube or as a dry rub) and I l love it--garlic, chile, pepper, oil, caraway, and more--it's delicious.


So, I basically took my chicken, rinsed it, then dried it (you don't want to steam your chicken, so make sure it's really well dried!), and mixed my harissa with a little olive oil and rubbed it all over the bird and in every little crevace (and a little inside too, under the skin on the breast and in the cavity).

YES, you're reading that right, this recipe has only 2 INGREDIENTS! I also squeezed lemon juice on it and put the half in the cavity, but that's totally unnecessary if you don't have a lemon lying around.

I then let it sit in a hot cast iron pan and get to room temperature for about 30 minutes.

Then, I popped it into an oven set to 425 and cooked it for an hour or so (until the thermometer said the thigh was between 170 and 180), and o.m.g. It was delicious!! Spicy, so juicy and tender, and really really easy. I highly recommend this dish!


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