Girl crush: Amelia from Bon Appetempt

Peeps. I haven't had a girl crush in QUITE some time.

In college, I had a girl crush on people who eventually became my friends (or if not, they're now DEAD TO ME, so...) (<--I'm kidding there). And then at Random House, it was Ruth. And now, she's one of my besties. And then at Arnold it was Katie and Gen and Val and Kat and Kat (yep, 2 Kats), and Meg, and Amanda, and Allison, and Allison (yep, 2 Allisons) and there were so many, Advertising breeds cool chicks. And now we're all friends. And then at my next job I sort of hated it, so we won't speak of the name of it, but there was KBASS, who was possibly the best intern ever and now we're besties. And there was Molly, who also has red hair and we're besties. And now. I work in finance. Not tons of ladies (although, I did find a couple cool ones like Mel B (not that one) and Beth and Deirdre and Lorna).

But I've been sans true girl crush for awhile.

And now, I have a celebrity girl crush. (Actually, not sure if she's technically a celebrity, but she does have a blog with videos that get lots of hits and I kind of totally want to be bff with her).


Amelia is my new girl crush.

Here is her blog, Bon Appetempt (hahaha, she's so witty!)

I'm embedding one a couple of her videos.

(She's so quirky and funny!)

She's got talent!

Don't you just want to be BFF with her?!?!?! I'd start a fan club but you can never really be friends with a member of your fan club, so, I'm letting that go.

Don't you think she and I would be besties if we met in person? I know, me too.


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