How will I know?

“Let’s make a deal. You give me some of yourselves, and I’ll give you all of me.” 

Whitney to a Carnegie Hall audience in People Weekly, 1985

Whitney Houston has died, which I'm sure you know. What I bet you don't know, is that I just love her.

Ok, I don't love HER per se, but I do really really love her songs. I didn't love that she was so crazy, I felt bad that she felt like she had to turn to drugs, I felt bad that she was in an abusive relationship. But I 100% love her songs. And I know you can't really separate the two, so I do love her.

Here are a couple of my favorites:

And my personal favorite, and Karaoke go-to:

Somehow, her music speaks to us all--her songs were full of emotion. How will I know? You can't know. Didn't we almost have it all? I want to dance with somebody who loves me. Ain't it shocking what love can do?

Now it's time to listen, bop, sing along, and think about what an astonishing voice she had. I'm off to dance with somebody (maybe delilah my teddy bear, maybe not ;)).



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