Can we talk about how awesome Beyonce, Jay, and Blue Ivy are?

Ever since college when the football team predictably filled their parties with Nelly and... Jay Z (HOVA!) I've loved me some Jay Z. I actually know the words to a lot of his raps. It's a pretty great party trick for a translucent red head to just bust out with "H to the Izzo."

Beyonce took a little longer to love, to be honest. I was pissed when she went solo. HOW could you DO that to your bandmates? You're totally a backstabbing... oh wait, what? One of the other girls wanted to get into gospel? And the other wasn't so into it anymore? Ok, fine. I forgave Bey, but not without reservations. But then... she started making music that I loved and couldn't help singing along to. She grew on me, and then she started dating Jay. And then they kept it to themselves. And she sang ego. And she saved Taylor Swift at the VMAs. And then they secretly got married. And then. They did videos for Obama. And he gave like a million concerts to open the new Brooklyn stadium. And then they kept up this awesome gruesome twosome of happiness thing and it made me just so happy for them. I even forgive them for naming their kiddo something cutesy.

Beyonce. You are a gem. You literally sparkle when performing. I mean, just look at this video:

I mean, obviously she is singing about love. So, it's, you know, about them. But it's not creepy.

Yep. Perhaps the best little family out there. Although, the Obamas are pretty badass too. And, the Cup of Jo family. And, Kate and Wills. And Tina Fey's awesome little fam. (And Khloe and Lamar. I can't help my love for them. It just happened. Don't judge.)

So, let's just all agree that the Z's are like, one of the coolest families out there.


  1. One of my favorite Obama quotes from his most recent campaign: "Jay knows what my life is like," he chuckled to the crowd. "We both have daughters, and our wives are more popular than we are."

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