Recent additions to my playlist

I love Spotify. Not just like a litte but A LOT. I love that it lets me try new bands out, that I can add new things and get rid of songs that have started to drive me crazy (hello, Carly Rae Jepson, I loved you, now I loathe you), and curate my music o I listen to what appeals to me. I uually do a monthly playlist, but I started doing it by season instead, a month wasn't enough to really let me decide what I like and didn't like.

Here's my spring 2013 mix, if you're interested.

Here are a couple new songs that I absolutely love! Enjoy the new music. Who's ready for spring?

Hey Marseilles (Not French, btw), but how great is their sound? It's folksy, but catchy, and modern too. I'm really enjoying this!

My obsession with HAIM is neither new nor surprising. THIS IS A COVER OF THEM!

I like some of their stuff, but everything. This is my fav. Doesn't the picture (from their album cover) make you think it's the 70s? hahaha

I work out to the fast version of this... but the acoustic really lets you hear the lyrics and the song. Love it!


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