Weekend Reads: Late spring

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May was so super busy for me that I'm thrilled it's June. My birthday month! I'm loving the extra hours of sunshine, the fresh corn, the rain covered flowers. It's so nice to enjoy the season before it becomes uncomfortably warm. What are your favorite things about late spring?

GUYS I TOTALLY FELL FOR THIS (well, I knew it prob wasn't true, but I proliferated it!)

I loved this NYTs essay by Anne Packer about what she does between books.

This new Boston restaurant, Committee, sounds delicious!

This is so cute--barnyard animals comfort race horses at Belmont

24 Inflatables... I wonder if any of these are ocean-worthy...

Serial is working on 2 new seasons. WOO HOO!

Ahoy Mate! What would you name your sailboat?

How to be a lady in the modern world. When I was growing up that's the line my dad always used on me--Katie, a lady wouldn't (have a tantrum) (cry if she didn't get as many sprinkles as her sister) (fight over the front seat), and I still think about that as a goal today. Even if I'm tripping and falling, I still try to be a lady.

Manhattanhenge?! Why wasn't this a thing when I lived there?! So neat.

This article in the New Yorker about the Bidens in the wake of Beau Biden's death has illuminated Joe Biden and his family for me more than any other piece I've read, and it makes me respect our VP in a way I haven't previously.

On recommending books (something I happen to love, especially when it turns out great :))

This essay on visiting someone you once loved on social media is kind of crazy accurate. I know we're all guilty of it so... #noshame. :)

Did you see this goal scored by Lionel Messi (aka, best soccer/football player in the land)?

The Iceman List: antagonists we probably should have sided with, but didn't.


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