Music for Tuesday: Shakey Graves

I'm on a Shakey Graves kick lately--I also just bought tickets to the show in November. Anyone want to join me? It's at the Royale in Boston (which I love since concerts are over at a reasonable time... the Royale turns into a club, so it has to end on the early side!).

Something about his sound feels solid and nice--it's not country, but it's not pop, or indie... It's almost a mixture--a little country, a little blues, a little rock, and a lot awesome.

Here are a couple good songs to test out if you haven't been binging on them as I have:

Late July (starts at 1:47), perfect song for one of the last days in July (eeek!) filmed in his native Austin:

The talent displayed here is just unreal:

One of my favorites:

What do you think? Fans? Who's coming to the show with me? :)


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