Weekend reads: Christmastime is here

Christmas is here! I'm heading up to Vermont today to visit a friend and be super New England-y. I'm really happy with the gifts I'm giving this year, even though I didn't have tons of time (thanks school!)... My coworkers LOVED the calendars I put together (they didn't know I'm into photography and were impressed :)) I can't wait to see people's faces when they open their gift. WOO HOO! Wishing you a wonderful, cheerful, joyful holiday.

This is absurd and hilarious. This is also absurd and hilarious. This is hilarious. Oh man, this is such a dad thing to do. (via Imgur) Laughing out loud so hard

A list of documentaries to binge over the holiday (Buzzfeed) Boston's couple is in the holiday spirit (via Giselle) I totally want to make these. My nerd is showing. (via Oh Happy Day!) Ever wonder why Christmas colors are red and white? (via NPR) Some great eco-friendly wrapping tips! (via Follain) Bill Gates is an amazing Secret Santa (via Reddit)

Solar is now the cheapest energy (via Fortune) Elon Musk has all of the feelings. (via Mashable)

I keep coveting this calendar and never actually getting it... maybe 2017 is the year? Beautiful subway art for the new line in NYC (via NYTs) This woman's style is AMAZING(via Cup of Jo) Love these pretty prints

BURN (via Eater) YUM (via Eater)

Best photos of 2016 (via Kottke)

This giving spirit is inspiring (via HuffPo) Extra Amazon boxes lying around? Here's how to use them.

Not Normal:

NYTs has a "This Week in Hate" Column now...
Teen Vogue is amazing (via NYTs)
This recap of some heroic actions in 2016 and how to make a difference in 2017 was awesome. (via Upworthy)
Thank god for these people (via NYTs)
Obama's Sanity-affirming Press Conference (via NYer)
Collective trauma (via NYTs)
Not Normal, by Charles Blow (via NYTs)
Thanks, Obama (via Second Nexus)
The best kind of troublemakers (via the Guardian)
Resist (via NYMag)
NO.  (via NYTs)
Prince Charles is on point (via Reuters)
This is inspiring (via R29)

Sad and funny and sad:


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