Weekend Reads: A week(ish) until Christmas

Christmas is coming, the Amazon delivery guys' arms are getting jacked. Wait. That's not right. Are you done shopping? I have a couple more things to grab but nothing too significant... Now I just get to enjoy the holiday lights and season and wait for Christmas Eve!!!

Fridge wine dispenser? Yes, please. (via Buzzfeed)

Cultural moments of 2016 (via NYTs)

Scientists named a spider after the Harry Potter Sorting Hat.

An all-book gift guide (via Bon Appetempt) An awesome person-based gift guide (Cup of Jo) A color-based gift guide (Miss Moss)

Now that school is (almost) out for the holiday, I'm considering which books to read during break. Definitely Hillbilly Elegy (a couple friends from school and I are reading it together) Also, a couple book lists that feel my struggle: Outside your Bubble Book List The Post-Trump Big Questions Canon Book List

Everything happening in Syria is making me so very sad (via NYTs)

I'd really like to live in this apartment in Paris, please. (via Cup of Jo)

Cute children, obviously (via Elle)

This story of a female artist is pretty amazing (via NPR)

Great interview (Ezra Klein Show) 

Not Normal

   North Carolina is a mess
   Trump Grill is terrible (I know, it's vindictive, but I appreciate it)
⃝  No one wants to perform at the inauguration
⃝  Senators Also Reiterate Their Demand for Trump to Comply with Constitution's Emoluments Clause
  The Perfect Weapon: How Russian Cyberpower Invaded the U.S.
⃝  Facebook is starting to combat the Fake News they perpetuate
⃝  Obama Bars States From Denying Federal Money to Planned Parenthood
Lawsuits upon lawsuits upon lawsuits
⃝  The rough draft of history was too rough


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