Sexy Laundry, obviously.

I do laundry at a laundromat. It's a couple flights down and a couple blocks over. Today, I decided to break in my new bright yellow (possibly highlighter?) flats.

Good decision. They're not incredibly comfortable yet.

Back to laundry. I had tons. Masses. Sheets, ski stuff, gym stuff (Ew), towels, rugs, and regular!

So there I am, folding my snow pants (are they still called that even though I'm grown up??), sipping my rose tea, glasses on, yellow shoes on, leggings and fleece on, bun atop my head, when two dudes come into the 'mat. They've got swagger. They are wearing cool looking plaid shirts. Their baseball brims are flat, not curved. Basically, they could be part of Jay-z's entourage.

They chat with the man who works at the laundry. He runs into the back for a sec. And one of them turns to me in all my laundry folding glory.

He says, "hey sexy."

I burst out laughing at him.

Oops. Luckily he smiled and laughed too.

My natural instinct in life is to laugh. But also, absurd!!! I am in no way sexy in my laundry day outfit (also, ever!), also we are IN A LAUNDROMAT. And you're stuck here chatting with me for at least 3 more mins.

So then I said thanks (what do people who say stuff like that think is going to happen / want to happen? I think my imagination is lacking), and went back to folding my neck warmers. (Don't worry. I have 4, just to be safe.)

He and his buddy went back to chatting amongst each other. Then left, approx 3 mins later.

I finished folding, and left the laundromat with a little shimmie in my step.


  1. i want those shoes! where are they from?

    also, i loved that you laughed...that line is LAME and would you want to kick game to someone who opens with that in a laundromat?


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