Weekend Reads: Disillusioned

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Ugh. Just looking at that caption has me upset.

I just COULD NOT get into blogging last week. I was too sad, too emotional. Now I'm angry. I'm confused. I'm disheartened. And I think I need to write about it to help make sense of it all. I've shifted. I'm not the happy, positive person I was a couple weeks ago. I'm feeling disenfranchised, as though I'm worth less in some people's eyes than I realized, I'm feeling deep dread, and sadness to my core. But. I've mostly stopped crying, so that's good at least.

A few off topic reads:

Thanksgiving in America (via NYTs)

A Chrome extension that alerts you to Fake News (via NYMag)

This is such a cool feature from Elle. Also, I loved seeing stylish, beautiful women of all sizes!! Go Khloe and Good American!

The articles that are killing me when I read them:
Trump's alarming first week as president-elect (via NYer)
Companies that are pleaing with Trump not to abandon the Paris Agreement (via NYTs) Also, what's warming the world? (via Bloomberg & NASA)
Autocracy: Rules for Survival (via NYBooks)
Baker Fails Bannon test (via WGBH)
Donald Trump’s Team Shows Few Signs of Post-Election Moderation (via NYTs)

The articles that give me hope:
These HBS women disavow Bannon (via NYTs)
California’s Democrats Are Ready for Political War (via Bloomberg)


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