Weekend Reads: Kids in costume are the cutest

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I went up to my hometown for halloween this year and went trick-or-treating with my childhood bff and her toddler. We went to three houses, had wine glasses in hand, and then handed out candy at her parents' house. I loved seeing how thoughtful kids are with their costumes! I saw a jellyfish, Cyrano de Bergerac complete with a mask from Italy, Katniss and Prim, family costumes, warm costumes, scary costumes, princess costumes, and kids wearing their favorite hero's gear (firemen, superheroes, whoever!). It was so nice to giggle and appreciate children's creativity this week, when otherwise I've been glued to the polls tamping down my anxiety. I'm crossing my fingers and toes, donating some funds, and hoping to do some canvassing tomorrow (if I can find a partner in crime). Remember to educate yourself and get out there and vote.

I'm not crying, YOU'RE crying. (This too. (via Smithsonian))

I want to try this trend... but am not sure where to start! (via Ashley Brooke Design)

This is cool NYTs! So smart, Lego! (via Kottke) Hehehehe, NYC Kids (via NYTs) Bill Murray is on a roll!! (via MLB) The Cubs winning was pretty great (sorry Cleveland fans!), and these tweets made me smile (via HuffPo)

I think I already do this... (via Quartz) This is so thoughtful. (via a friend on Facebook) A friend posted this on Facebook and I was in stitches.

Best Books of 2016 from Publisher's Weekly I loved Tuck Everlasting so much as a child, the author, Natalie Babbitt, died this week (via NYTs) If you're in London, keep an eye out (via Buzzfeed) Can't wait to watch The Crown! (via Refinery29) This is a great little video (via Vimeo) A great profile of Saeed Jones who has made a huge impact on Buzzfeed's literary standing. (via BKMag)

Some great Ikea Hacks! (Via My Domaine) New Emojis! Including face palm (via Emoji) SJP's townhouse (via Lonny)

Conspiracy Theories, a list (via Vulture)

How does one get this job? (via Mashable) I'm not a fan of Chobani yogurt as a food, but I really admire the company after reading this (via NYTs) This is a great story! (via NYTs)

My fav Halloween Costumes I spotted in the media (have any to add?!):

Baby Jon Snow
Baby cookie
Elementary school girl power
These BFFs
This silver surfer
This little doughnut
Black Barbie and Ken

Thinking ahead, Christmas-present ideas (links may be :

A cheese Grotto for your favorite Cheese-lover 
A book for your favorite feminist 
Great art for your favorite book nerd


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