Weekend Reads: Not normal

So, I've decided that I'm going to use a section at the bottom of Weekend Reads to catalog the not normal things that are happening in the US and politics in general. It might be pessimistic or hopeful depending on my mood and swaying sense of optimism. It's one small way to remind myself that this stuff isn't ok and that this stuff cannot be normalized, no matter how much humor can be found in our situation (thank you SNL, Samantha Bee, John Oliver, Colbert, and Trevor Noah). If you find things you'd like me to add, share them in the comments and I'll include them in the following week's list. 

Big tears. I <3 Ellen. And Obama. (via Slate, watch the whole ceremony--lots of great moments!!) 

Walking boosts your mood, I'll be doing a lot of walking in the next four years. Eddie Redmayne is.... wonderful (via Buzzfeed)

I made this apple pie and this pumpkin cheesecake for Thanksgiving. YUM.

One of my fav bloggers wrote a great essay (via The Millions)

Hehehehe (via iTunes)

Tips for buying designer furniture (via Oh Happy Day)

PET PEEVES to the max (via Buzzfeed)

COOL SCIENCE  (via Kottke)

Great American Bookstoes (via Buzzfeed)

Not normal / politics:

   Hillary in a book shop (via Facebook)
    Conflicts of interest (via NYTs)
⃝   Post-truth Nation (via HuffPo)
❤   A letter from the President of Colby College (my alma mater)
⃝   Billionaires vs. the media (via NYTs Mag)
⃝   Covering Trump: An oral history of an unforgettable campaign (via Columbia Journalism Review)
❤   Bake Sale (via Cup of Jo)
❤   Vets are going to Standing Rock to stand with the indigenous people (via CNN)
   No. No. No. No.
   White Collar White Supremacy
   No, Trump, we cannot get along (MY PERSONAL FAV)
❤   Neighbors
⃝  New grading Rubric (via McSweeney's)
⃝   5 Steps to Tyranny


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