Weekend Reads: On to the next one

Guys. This week had it in for me. I knew it was going to be tough--it's the last full week Obama is president so I was bound to be emotional, tear-stained, and down in the dumps. BUT, it seems that every little thing has amped up and made this week feel worse--sticky situations, things I forgot about and got called on, friends angry with me for things that feel out of my control, interpersonal work consternation, impending work insanity for projects I'm not jazzed about, family who thinks I'm not accessible enough, trying to fit everything in before classes start back up and ending up with an incredibly jam-packed, stressful weekend on the horizon (it's a 3-day weekend! What gives?! Snowstorm last weekend killed me). I thought Mercury must be in retrograde, but it wasn't. So, deep breath. Maybe the middle of the month will be my turning point. I'm having dinner with my friends tonight and looking for that boost. They always lift me up. Then off to the races...

This is crazy (via NatGeo) This woman's job is so gross and so interesting... it's like a combo scientist, climate detective, coroner... (via Outside)

The female love / sisterhood in this letter from the Bush sisters to the Obama sisters upon their last week as first children is inspiring and made me tear up. (via WaPo) This profile on Caroline Kennedy is really inspiring (via NYTs) This little girl has read 1,000 books by age 4 was made an honorary librarian (via KTLA) The Ambition Interviews (via NYMag)  5 great girl-power documentaries to watch this weekend (via the Everygirl)

I'm super in love with this serving dish/bowl/platter (what is it?) This campaign for Angel Soft (yep, toilet paper) is so well done (via AdWeek) I have this top from the Gap and love it--and it's on super sale

This is great and really needs to happen--gerrymandering is a real problem. (via NYTs) Joe Biden <3 (see the above video) (via CNN)

Not Normal:
This is incredibly frightening. (via CNN)
Dunning Kruger (via NYMag)
This plan does not remove conflicts of interest (via NYTs)
Jared Kushner's Rise to unimaginable power (via NYMag)
Ha, shattering the ceiling of Nepotism. (via WaPo)
Wow, way to go State Department (via NPR)
The Hearing Act is about gun silencers (via WaPo)
The Obama media crew is preparing (via VF)
More of this, please (via Vulture)
I'm so proud that I'll be attending (via Vogue)
Trump is awash in lies (via NYTs)
Ha, this satirical piece is pretty great (via Noisey Vice)
The real story in Fake News is about Partisanship (via NYTs, read beyond the false equivalence if you can)
Ok, this actually made me laugh (via HuffPo)
Columbia Journalism Review was right on point here, I was thinking the same thing.
Thank you, Seth Meyers (via Vox)
YEA--in 1 week I will be in DC (via WaPo)


  1. I love that Seth Meyers interview! Good links, KZM. Here's hoping next week is a better one. XO


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