What to Watch: Hidden Figures

I grew up in Manchester-by-the-sea. But. I have yet to see the movie. Why? Why you ask? Because I know it's going to be a tear jerker and I'm a crier and it will be ugly. But also because I have issues supporting Casey Affleck who's been accused of sexual assault. 

What's a girl to do? I'll tell you what. Go and see the most uplifting and wonderful movie Hidden Figures.

Hidden Figures is about three brilliant black women (and their coworkers) who worked as computers at NASA before computers came into existence and helped do the math to compete with the Russian space program and make NASA a jewel of American innovation. I was moved--it was such a girl-power, smart-girl-power, black-girl-magic, American story. I couldn't be more in love with this movie, and I'm rooting for it on the awards circuit. Go see it!!

Three brilliant African-American women at NASA -- Katherine Johnson (Taraji P. Henson), Dorothy Vaughan (Octavia Spencer) and Mary Jackson (Janelle Monáe) -- serve as the brains behind one of the greatest operations in history: the launch of astronaut John Glenn (Glen Powell) into orbit, a stunning achievement that restored the nation's confidence, turned around the Space Race and galvanized the world.

Watch the trailer:

Interesting article about it's success (via the Atlantic)


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