Weekend Reads: Ups and Downs

Well, this week I was hopeful and excited on Sunday and in tears by the time Wednesday rolled around and our president decided to ban Muslims from entering the country. I'm back in class, learning about balance sheets and cash flows and all sorts of good stuff. But when I'm not doing that, I'm freaking out over what's happening to our country. Don't forget to call and make your voice heard. It's more important than ever!!!

Things that make me smile: Dancing post Superbowl berth) I can't wait to see Botticelli at the MFA! (via ArtNet) Hilarious (via McSweeney's) This is amazing--toboggan races in Maine! (via NYTs) This made me laugh (via NYMag)

This woman is pretty inspiring (via HONY) This little girl had a doll-march (via HuffPo) Feminist Satire (via NYTs)

I wish I took this class at Colby! These women rule. (via Middletown Press) 

Hate Has No Home Here is a great sentiment (particularly with the executive order this week). Here's a poster of that that I like ($20) and one in multiple languages (free art file) So true (via NYer)

The Academy Award nominations have been announced! I have a whole list of movies to see... Mom and I are heading to La La Land this weekend (if I can get my class work done!!)

The best food memoirs on the market (via PureWow) Well, we coulda seen this one coming. (via Mashable) I need to learn more about this case that is part of the Civil Rights Movement--sounds like an interesting book (via Vanity Fair)

Not Normal:
Week 1: Ugh. (this article helped me frame things at least) (via Politico) Google and Facebook are getting into the Fake News killing business
Wednesday was the worst (via Slate) I don't want to be a copy-and-paste-er, but this is on point. (via Bustle)
You are not equal (via Medium)
Women will lead the left (via NYer) Justin Trudeau is the best (via HuffPo) Now what? (via NYTs)
Trump is getting sued over the Emoluments clause (via NPR)
Lie after lie after lie. Trump's speech at the CIA (via VF)
Thank you, Netherlands (via SBS)
The way the new press office treats journalists is akin to Chinese official treatment of journalists (via NPR)
The ALA speaks out about the gag orders
Scientists are running for office, WAHOO (via The Atlantic)
Alt accounts are popping up so government employees aren't silenced (via Palmer Report)
Indivisible, a guide


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