Boob Tube: my favorites

As a reader, I don't watch tons of TV. But I do have some shows that I just love.

Game of Thrones. Duh. Awesome girl characters. Awesome red heads. (Also, totally team Starke)

How great is Ygritte?

And Arya?

And Sansa?

And Daernys?

And so many more...

I love The Newsroom, Love Sloane Crosley. I love Will McAvoy. I love McKenzie. I love Neal. I love Jim. I love Charlie. God. I love this show and it's thoughtful banter. It's smart and just overall pretty darn great and entertaining. I love that it looks back over the past year and approximates the news and gives you a pseudo insiders guide.

The Bridge. So, the Bridge is dark enough that I'm a little worried to confess how much I love it. But when the Emmy nominations came out and Diane Kruger wasn't nominated I was LEGIT angry. She is completely unbelievable in this show. Just a different person entirely and I can't stop watching. I also love Demian Bichir, and Ted Levine (the only warm spot on the show). It really does just go more and more dark as the show progresses, but I can't stop watching. Can't stop at all. The plot is that there's a murder on the bridge between Mexico and Texas, so 2 police from both sides of the border team up to figure it out. Murder, mystery, and a peek into a world that's totally different from anything I've seen before. It's a remake of a show Brön|Broen from Finland, I believe.

And now... for the uplifting fun show. You're The Worst. There are only a few episodes out, but it's so funny. It's 30 minutes of hilarity and I look forward to it. Two kind of crazy but totally normal people dating and they're both a little terrible to each other. It leads to funny situations. I hope you watch it, this trailer just doesn't do it justice. It's only 30 mins!!


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