Weekend Reads: Enjoy

Happy Belated Birthday Julia!

Weekends are the perfect time to sit with your cold brewed coffee, a blanket, a lap top, and catch up on what you missed.

(This counts) Do you sleep with one foot outside the covers? There might be a reason.

This is pretty interesting. How Colorado's teen birth rate dropped by 40% in 4 years.

Where people in your state come from. Basically it's about how people have moved between states since 1900. It's interactive. It's addicting. It's so so interesting!!

I am a feminist. Are you? Apparently there's a twitter campaign out there called #WomenAgainstFeminism. Yikes. This twitter feed is counteracting it by pointing out how ignorant it is. I don't love the misspelling, but it does bring humor to something crazy...

I made this Pavlova with Boozy Blueberry Sauce last weekend as a tester for Food52. Did you see whose comment they used? (yep, that's me! redhairandfreckles). Also, you should make it--super easy and super impressive.

I have friends who work at Bon Appetite, Cooks Illustrated & Saveur. Which makes this article about recipes from BA so interesting. I just picture Casey (friend at BA) doing it all.

Benjamin Booker. So very good.

Guys.... should I start saving for one of these cars? I saw one in the parking lot of my beach club and immediately investigated. SO COOL. Vintage Ranges!!!

Although this spectrum of red heads leaves out a lot of my faves (Bonnie Raitt? Jessica from True Blood? Sansa Stark?), it's still pretty fun to look at the red head celebrity spectrum.

I find this both gross and hilarious--not a normal combo for me. EMOJI.

I'm thinking about this bag. Thoughts?! It needs to hold 1-3 library books, a giant wallet, and have an outside pocket I can stash my phone in.

Anyone know where I can get Liv Tyler's Hillary T?


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