To Do List and Ice Cream

It's August! Something about mid-summer (I refuse to say tail end of summer) makes everyone turn to ice cream for comfort. It's hot out there, yo! Last year I got an ice cream machine. I loved it and used it constantly! This year, I'm attempting to be healthier and haven't made much. But I'm thinking it's time to dive back in. My friend Kelly is comtemplating an ice cream brand (The Galley, after her Galley Kitchen, he), I'm not quite as committed as she is. Ha.

Here are some recipes I'm thinking about. What do you vote for?

Cinnamon Ice Cream from the Pioneer Woman

Peanut Butter Chocolate Ice Cream from Jeni via the Bitten Word

What do you think?!

Here's my Pinterest board of delicious icey things.

When I order ice cream, I tend to go for oreo or mint chocolate chip (mint patty all you Captain Dusty go-ers! that fro yo is better than ice cream. I swear). When I make ice cream, I have had 0 luck with mint and never think about making oreo... hmmm...

I've had some awesome ice cream in my day, from frozen pudding that my grandmother made on the farm in PA, to my dad's family's obsession with Brighams (they're from Belmont, it's basically a religion), to Dairy Cone in Maine, to Four Seas on Cape Cod, to Emack and Bolios in NYC (weird, I know, but I lived a block from one and their chocolate frappes cured a lot of my hangovers), and JP Licks and Toscanos in Boston, to Captain Dusty's where all of my friends worked growing up in Manchester (by the sea). I saw this great buzzfeed about all the ice cream places to check out before you die. Putting it on the to do list. ;)

The To Do List is a new type of column I'm throwing onto my blog about things I want to do. I don't have to do them immediately, but by god, I wanna do 'em! Get ready, lots of things are going in the To Do List!


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