Weekend Reads: Last weekend of summer

There's a coolness under the heat in the air today--you know it's just about back to school time. Relish these last moments of summer while you can. I walked in the edge of the surf yesterday, stepping on the bubbles left from the big (for my beach) waves. There's a hurricane off shore, so the kids all had their boogie boards out and were having a blast in the waves.

Here are a couple reads for the last days of August:

My mom is a killer crossword puzzler. I like that this chick is bringing the crossword into the modern world. I like to try, but Mom usually finishes my game.

I like to think of myself as someone who's relatively polite. I recently described myself as someone who likes to catch bees with honey not vinegar. Confessions of a polite person.

Even as a single gal, I thought this 5 languages of Love was interesting. I'm a quality time person, with a little words of affirmation and acts of service thrown in. I bet it's even more interesting when you're with someone so you can figure out how to be better partners in crime.

I thought these pics of daily servings of fruit and veggies were really interesting. Fun to see if laid out like that--honestly I thought they looked like less than I thought! What about you?!

Into the Gloss did an interview with Queen of style Jenna Lyons. It was great, per usual :)

I made this Plum Torte to RAVE reviews on Friday. Might have to make it again... I also made Hake in Parchment paper with summer squash, carrot, tomato, lemon, lemon thyme, and jalapeño and it was SO good!

Great screensaver.

I saw Boyhood last night and, while so many people raved, the things that stood out to me were Ethan Hawke, the editing, and the directing. The acting felt a little forced to me by the other characters. Ethan Hawke's prowess really stood out against the other actors. I think this movie looks like a good one to try and see at some point too!


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