Weekend Reads: Chill in the air

Yesterday was chilly in Boston. Today, more so. That chill underlying the air that can warm up to the upper 70s and make a day perfect for a walk, for a picnic, for a football game, for a comfortable tennis match. The girls and I started our Fantasy Football league. The smack talk has commenced. Colby is posting pictures of campus on Instagram and it's making me nostalgic. I'm getting the urge to make applesauce. It's nice to have a weekend morning to lay in bed, catch up on my reading, and not make a dash for the 8:30 train to my mom's to go to the beach. Although, I certainly wish I was still washing sand out of my bed sheets. Happy last week of Summer.

I thought this list was very sweet. I met my friends' new daughter yesterday. She's the sweetest, most scrunchy-faces, downy-haired little girl and I love her.

It's definitely scarf season (not wool, but silk or cotton!). My BFF got me a great one for my birthday with BIKES on it!

While it's still plum season... Make. This. Cake.

Dewey Square in Boston just keeps changing. I like it.

Amazing tip. Photos of your closet, fridge, parking spot... love it!

I'm going to Austin soon, but this list makes me want to go everywhere.

I read The Boys in the Boat for book club and it's AMAZING.

This renovation is mind blowing.

I can't hide it any longer. I love history. And American history in particular. Can't wait for this PBS series on The Roosevelts. (ALSO, Meryl Streep is involved. EEEK!) It starts on Sunday. Be there, be... square. :)

Can we talk about how adorable and preconscious this kid is?

And watch this just for the "I'm pretty sure that's a guy in a costume" comment ;)


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