Weekend Reads: Big Screen

I'm going to see Gone Girl with one of my friends today. She's coming in from the burbs, we're having lunch and going to a special little indie cinema to see the movie. I wasn't the biggest fan of the book, but I'm hoping the movie translates the parts that didn't work well for me in a different way. It's definitely fall, guys. Chilly. Sweater weather. I might need to break out gloves when I ride my bike. What are you up to this weekend?

Time to start doing some of these yoga poses for abs?

Cool article about the subway system in San Fran and how they're updating it.

The Brown sisters have had their photo taken every year for 40 years. Subtle beauty.

This tumblr of "Pop Sonnets" had me giggling. Someone made pop songs into sonnets.

Tis the season... ever wonder where the phrase "an apple a day" comes from?

This kind of science stuff blows my mind (and makes me want to finally watch Star Wars)

Now this is a traffic light I wouldn't mind waiting at...

This outfit guide to a couple leading ladies made me happy, I love all three of them, too!

Two fabulous women, chatting: Mindy Kaling interviews Jessica Chastain.

Speaking of fabulous women... Here's a great little piece on The Good Wife.

I cannot WAIT for this book b/c I am such a big Amelia Morris / Bon Appetempt fan. Her writing and personality make me laugh.

Take a nightly walk. Seems like a nice thing to do if you have a partner!

What marketers think about your zip code. This tool could take me into a click spiral allllll day.


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