Weekend Reads: What will you be for Halloween?

This Halloween, I'm going to be Waldo. I got a red striped shirt from Old Navy, my glasses work, and I got this hat from Amazon. Now I just need a backpack and some binoculars and all will be well. I started keeping a list of other costume ideas and a pinterest board for them. I always feel like I come up with good ideas and then forget them immediately. Time to remedy that problem! What will you be this Halloween? Or what will your kids be?

21 greatest pancake recipes. YUM.

This article about the anthropology / linguistics of a South American tribe is so interesting!

Wine and candy, not the perfect combo? I beg to differ. Pairings!

This quiz tells you where you should live. I got London! I wish I could spend a couple years there...

I love bookshops and these stories are both wonderful and heart breaking.

In 2005 or 2006 I visited Paris with my mom. One of my favorite places from that trip was Montmartre, where the Picasso Museum was a wonderful stop. This article about the tumultuous past few years there was really interesting.

I find Kelly Osborne kind of awesome. I know she and I would not have much to talk about, but she seems like a fun girl I'd like to laugh with!

Anna Wintour's remembrance of Oscar de la Renta.

Have you been to the book shop Shakespeare & Co in Paris? The last time I went was with my friend Ruth for a reading a couple years ago. It was just so special! I thought this article in Vanity Fair about the old owner and the new one (his daughter) pretty special.

The secret emotional life of punctuation!

Did you see how work wear for women has evolved in the 20th Century? It's crazy how things like style can change so (relatively) quickly... from hoop skirts to t-shirts!


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