Weekend Reads: OCTOBER?

I'm back from Austin and suddenly it's October, fall, chill in the air. I'm reaching for sweaters and pants... It just might be time to put my summer clothes away. Sad.

(A mural outside of South Congress Book Shop from my trip to Austin)

I love this and it makes me want to move to London and work for Grey: Why the Perfect Modern Creative Is Fierce, Fearless and Female

Have you seen Chatroom by TMR? So. Good. So far she's interviewed Jenna Lyons, Rashida Jones, and Haim.

I got myself a waffle iron for my bday this summer (duh) and think I want to try this zucchini waffle post farmer's market tomorrow. 

I'm in need of a new throw for my living room couch so this Target collection is making me excited!

How is it already October? Do you guys say Rabbit Rabbit on the first day of the month for good luck too? Someone did some research about it for us in Yankee Magazine.

I try not to be too political, but I love Notorious RBG and this article proves her point on Hobby Lobby.

Interesting story from a Madewell descendent. (Not sure if it's legit or sour grapes... hmm)

As a coffee lover, this article about coffee taste vs. caffeine vs. trend had me hooked!

As a Bostonian, I have a soft spot for Matt & Ben, and Ben is making the rounds promoting Gone Girl (seeing it next Saturday... hope it's better than the book which I HATED, and am the only one who hated it, I know). Loved this segment with Jimmy and thought this was pretty great. 

Speaking of Jimmys... This spot from Jimmy Kimmel about barrista spelling is hilarious.

I'm interested in trying a rowing class (everything revolves around Boys in the Boat)... Anyone taken one before?

Hermione rules.


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